Filled with so much loneliness I suddenly recognize my hunger Watching anorexia creep back in I stop and eat. Care-full I nourish.

my bed head

I started this blog so that I would have somewhere to put my old ideas.  And I hoped in doing this my creative juices would start flowing. And then! I would see that my work was being looked at by someone and I would feel obligated to share more current ideas.  This was all going … More my bed head

iPhone Notes

2015-02-05 The images we see on tv mimic our thoughts. Exacerbating our nuerons. create disconnections for our perceptions throw blood on the ice and damage our senses but don’t let us see where you’ve hit us. If we’re distracted long enough we’ll let you believe it’s not OUR blood out there.  

Teen Suburban Commentator steps to the curb

The power has been out for seventeen hours now. It’s 9:15 in the morning and all these people are standing on their curb. like they want to know if their world changed while they were asleep. Maybe the world changed, but mostly because everyone’s by the roadside this morning. Northeast blackout of 2003 via Northeast … More Teen Suburban Commentator steps to the curb

Mom’s can’t be everything. (iPhone Notes)

2014-07-25 Mom’s can’t be everything. Running to pick up my kids. My milk-laden boobs being watched by delivery truck drivers and motorcycle riders.  I’m running because I’m late of course. This is the life of a so-called ‘stay at home mom’. I was out buying meat for dinner and the short chatty butcher couldn’t just … More Mom’s can’t be everything. (iPhone Notes)

March 2003

Three jet planes streak A for Anarchy in the sky, enclosed in the circle of my eye. contained. watch it disappear. clear sky blue rise blue fall blue another jet streaks by. Lonely white cap on water. left behind and then gone

A Textbook Learner

It was all lost on me.  I learn differently than they were set up to teach. I mean, what good is there in testing a child on her understanding of The Outback of Australia when she lived in a tiny Canadian planet?  And less so when she was still carrying the shame of earlier in the year … More A Textbook Learner