And suddenly …

And suddenly, or maybe not so suddenly, but NOW . . . it feels like Canada again.

There had been a weight on my shoulders. A divisive gravity on my Facebook feed. A strange feeling in my gut when I thought about the future for my children.

And suddenly.  Yes suddenly. The wind has changed and I feel like Jane and Michael Banks have just watched all the ugly, abusive potential nannies blow away and can now see Mary Poppins floating out of the sky towards them. “Look Michael”. “He is beautiful”. He because it’s not Mary. It’s Justin.

The trickle down effect of the Harper government was consternation and frustration throughout this country as we all battled with his undermining of justice.  I said to myself.  This is NOT us.  But I couldn’t determine what was anymore.  Maybe I was too caught up in my own life. Likely in fact that I was.  I have 3 young kids.  I’ve got a hall pass for confusion and a pre-occupation with the life of those around me.   But, even so, my consciousness was telling me something I couldn’t articulate.

And that is the nature of subversion. It undermines articulation.  And every back room shenanigan that was revealed about Stephen Harper started to come up on my mental feed like a blinking warning light saying ‘pay attention’ ‘pay attention goddammit’.

And now, suddenly, it feels like Canada again.   Multi-culturalism and women’s rights are being spoken of freely and joyfully.  And can we mention this point again?  Prime Minister Trudeau II arrived at his swearing in ceremony on a bus with his Cabinet.  Decidedly Canadian. Non?

Time will tell if he is a good Prime Minister for our country. What he decides about the TPP will affect us all and history will relay the affects of his choices down the line.  But at least our government no longer feels like some Bizarro version of the Bush Administration.

It is often difficult for news articles to define what it is to be Canadian.  That’s because we are so flexible. We can be so many things because we are so many things. And as Canadians culturally, if not individually, we value each and every thing that we are.

Post-Harper can we say our culture has woken itself up from the slippery slope of political apathy? I hope so. Because whether Monsieur Trudeau makes the right or wrong decisions for this country will be seen. But he is definitely making these decision for our country. All of it. And that is the Canada I know and love.

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