non-institutionalized parenting (from iPhone Notes)

I searched for this note today.  It is sitting with me heavily in the wake of current global violence and fear.



The case against religious day schools.

Relinquishing control of your children’s spiritual growth to have them follow an institutionalized norm is madness.

Putting a child’s well-being in the hands of a religious person who is dictated to express their religious beliefs to small children at will is atrocious and should be made illegal.  There is plenty of time as an adult to discover religion. Why do we feel the urge to ‘provide’ this for our children?

When we do this we are in fact providing nothing except the shackles by which we will control them throughout their lives.  And this is unfair to the spirit of the child and to the overall evolution of our society.

The gifts our individual religions have given each of us is inherent in our cultures; the food, song and love present in a healthy home that enjoys celebrating and meditating according to certain familiar patterns.

The religious roots can and must be removed from each and every institution to ensure a mentally healthy, stable upbringing.  Model your beliefs but do not TEACH them.  In this way, when life becomes unbearable, as it tends to become, let that child who may be coming into adulthood by trauma seek his or her own god on his or her own and find it within themselves as we all do eventually.

In this way we can begin to eliminate extremism and hatred from the hearts of children as it is passed down from generation to generation.


There are ways to raise our children and still give them ethical and moral understanding while keeping their spirit intact without religion being imposed on them.  Enforcing religion leads to the ‘us’ vs. ‘them’ mentality.

Let us all be human first.


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