old poetry from my unguided twenties (2002/3)

reflections of reflections

The sharp light from the window

showing itself in the

polished black chair


off of a briefcase of someone

who can’t get home

fast enough.


Skateboard Girl

I’d be better if I wasn’t

so afraid of falling.

so afraid of skidding

so afraid of that

bounce and scrape that

never seems to end.

the burn and pain


fuck, cover your head


asses are meant to be landed on but then

what can we relax with.

Where did all of my stupid courage go?

Courage is a funny thing,

the less you use,

the less you have.


I’m a coin thrown into that March of Dimes thing

at the Science Centre, head over heels my circles are getting

smaller and smaller

as I roll around the funnel to a dark

clinky end.

At least it’s for a good cause.

Hey Dad, can we throw another coin in?

I wanna watch it go ’round again!


The corporation of me

is me

cease to be

and learn no more

as me

If space equals time unfolding

does live body equal spirit learning.

All the world needs:

A quiet room for the children to sleep in,

and people who never want to go to bed angry.

The rest will take care of itselfmyhearts



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