My first thought on Star Wars

I’ll keep this as brief as possible.

Did anyone else watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens and think “I bet Harrison Ford only agreed to be in this movie if he was guaranteed he wouldn’t have to be in the next one.”?

Just wondering if I’m alone on that one or not.

And since we are on the topic.  Did anyone else think the shadow at the front of the star destroyer in the first shot looked like a huge intergalactic middle finger being held up to all of humanity?   Enough already. I loved the movie and I don’t hate myself for loving it.  But, Disney loves its money.  It would never disappoint on something that has such incredible profit potential.  Yet, I still feel used.

I swear on the reincarnated ghost of Anakin Skywalker that I will only see the next movie if I really, really, really feel like it at the time of its release.




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