Photos from my walk

I dropped my car off far further than I ever need to go with any frequency so I walked home. Here are my pictures of the city I love on a beautiful busy day.IMG_7529

Minimalist shed with green roof in random back alleyway. Classic T.O.IMG_7578.jpg I’m sorry. No. I mean . . . sorry.IMG_7580.jpgIMG_7577.jpgIneffective but I’m sure the child who painted this is loved and cherished.IMG_7573.jpgThis led to a dead end. I’m on my way back when I took this.IMG_7570.jpgThis is the dead end I didn’t climb anything today. I was wearing a long purse.IMG_7544.jpg












Metal Woodpecker. West Annex garden gate. Then, Parrot on a rainbow wheeled bicycle blowing in the wind. I took a video of this maybe post it later.IMG_7582.jpg



Cats wanna ride

IMG_7581.jpgAbove: x-mas was here

The Wicked Witch of the West Side fared only nominally better than her name-sake from the film.IMG_7575.jpg



Hey! Who’s car is this? Do you know? There? oh. There? Which one? ok! Yeah. This one? Do you know them . . .





Honey. Did you take the garbage out?IMG_7555.jpg




Oh my god. please slow down and stop those children from kicking that head around. When you see a head on the ground kids, just call 911. Don’t touch it. IMG_7552.jpg

Waste Only.IMG_7561.jpg

This scene repeats through the city. All male as far as I could tell. Women were driving some trucks though.IMG_7559.jpg

Fingers in dust and no one is sorry.IMG_7564.jpg


Below: Lion looking envious

Lionize the rebel

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