X-Men Apocol-Amazing

Yes. There are spoilers in this blog.

I am an X-Men comic lover.

I did not travel on my own funds in University because I spent my money on back issues of the Marvel Universe including but not exclusive to Uncanny X-Men and all of the significant offshoots of it. This includes the Marvel Presents Weapon X series which tells of Wolverine’s adamantium origins.

Speaking of Wolverine!  Ahhhhhhhhhh.   It was amazing.  Shot for shot my memory tells me Singer got the frames absolutely right and since it’s impossible to watch the movie while reading a comic book all that really matters is memory anyway. I’m sure Wolvie would agree with this ;). And Hugh Jackman and his hair as usual played the role to a tee.

Moving on. Jean and Scott were tension and bonding in just the right proportions. Jubilee just being there was actually enough for me especially since she wasn’t named.

I saw the movie with my ten-year-old who hasn’t read too many of my comics and his favourite characters were Quicksilver and Nightcrawler.

There were moments that hinted at the deep relationships the characters have with each other which emerged on the pages of Chris Claremont’s Uncanny storylines. Showing Kurt as a young teen but already a part of the team was also satisfactory in my books. Is he Raven’s son in the film as well? Good question.

I loved this movie.

Here’s a spoiler…

How En Sabba Nur is destroyed is I believe, by his own choice. Jean is attacking him with the full force of her power thereby attracting the Pheonix force which multiplies her power and essentially shows its form in fire around her (as it does).  Apocalypse sees Pheonix for what it is: a power greater than him and maybe even greater than he has imagined. He speaks his last line and then he permits his death as by his own rules the weak shall not survive. He has seen a power greater than his own, he is no longer the strongest and so he must die. End of numero uno inflexible, un-shifting of paradigm bad guy.

Good job X-people.  The movie did its work. I have 2 significant points that disturbed my enjoyment of the movie.

1: the exploitation of the Nazi death camp Auchwitz. I will leave this comment isolated in its singular statement.  Nothing more can be said succinctly. Poor judgement has happened and it is a shame.

2: how the hell can a jet plane obviously made with metal components fly so close to a magnetic field that is generation SO MUCH energy that it is destroying structures on the other side of the planet????   Come on people. That was a bit silly. Really.

Otherwise.  Good job.  Can’t wait to see it a second time. Much love to the handsome Michael Fassbender who always looks good in a well tailored suit.  Okay. James Mcavoy too. ❤️

Addendum: There was a pre-release review in the Globe and Mail yesterday where the writer was confused as to why the film was set in the 80s. It seemed random to him.  I want to add that the Cold War experience of the 80s is a metaphor for the feeling had by most mutants – swaying even the most hopeful Professor X by the end of the film – that they must be prepared for war at all times while still teaching and hoping for peace. I felt it was obvious but maybe worth noting here as the critic clearly did not understand the film at all. Sucks to be him.

Also to that critic: Psylocke had to wear the purple costume.  She was drawn that way. It was what the fans wanted. Wolverine in yellow, not so much. Psylocke in tight purple was as necessary as Storm’s hair being white.


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