Someone else’s story

Abuse is a funny sort of thing. I mean not funny “ha ha”, but more like funny “oh”. I met a great person in a trauma survivors group. As a youth, she was beat up by her mother. A lot. The more she cried, the harder she’d get hit. So she learned not to cry. She […]

via Mad libs of abuse — cosleepwalking

This blog is so covered in truth it’s blinding to read it. It’s apropos to my tattooing video from today and (aside from the film reviews) to every other blog I’ve written before that.

The writer is brilliantly guiding the reader through a childlike game into the gruelling world of surviving abuse.

We all have our different ways of healing and she is highlighting the healing paths as linked to the source of pain and how it was delivered.  I find this blog incredibly powerful.

Here is the aforementioned blog from earlier in the day:  Colouring in the heart on my sleeve: My first attempt at tattooing

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