iPhone Notes

2015-02-05 The images we see on tv mimic our thoughts. Exacerbating our nuerons. create disconnections for our perceptions throw blood on the ice and damage our senses but don’t let us see where you’ve hit us. If we’re distracted long enough we’ll let you believe it’s not OUR blood out there.  

Mom’s can’t be everything. (iPhone Notes)

2014-07-25 Mom’s can’t be everything. Running to pick up my kids. My milk-laden boobs being watched by delivery truck drivers and motorcycle riders.  I’m running because I’m late of course. This is the life of a so-called ‘stay at home mom’. I was out buying meat for dinner and the short chatty butcher couldn’t just … More Mom’s can’t be everything. (iPhone Notes)

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2013-09-25 Scapegoats of a family don’t need to have contempt because we know we are despised.  We don’t have to hide that with unwanted feelings we have other hidden unconscious unwanted feelings but we know we are despised. -reading Gifted Child by A.Miller

iPhone Notes

2012-09-27 We build boxes for prejudice in our mind.  Within those boxes we fit in the words for whatever suits our needs for the moment to feed our ego and feel better than others to feel better than the other them not us he not me Thus is born all the isms that tear society … More iPhone Notes

iPhone Notes

2014-06-23 Singing Frankie Valli Beggin’ to myself I realize that humans suffer so much because we give ourselves so many different types of death.  When the bird is near death it’s near death it has nothing to lose if it socially dies it physically dies.  Humans are so different so many covers and blankets, forts … More iPhone Notes