iPhone Notes

All iPhone Notes listed are picked from a long list of musings and lists on my iPhone from the Notes app.  I wrote a song, a short book about child abuse called ‘My Horrible Little Book’ and other interesting things throughout the years on this app.  I will be posting them more or less at random until the past I have contained to this digital yellow square is in full view to everyone.

Any confusing grammar or structure is generally related to the rushed nature of dictating a note while I’m driving or trying to get the thought out as fast as possible.  With the exception of minor punctuation and spacing changes occasionally when I think it would really help the reader understand the remembered intention behind the note I am not going to fidget with the un-finished product of the Note or an added comma will become an addendum to the now ancient thought.  I believe an involuntary intention can be hidden in structure and even if it means my own public embarrassment the point of the project is to be honest. Peace.

I hope you enjoy reading them.

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